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Facts Related to Growth of Global Personal Protective Equipment Market in 2022

In the wake of present scenario, the 2017 Personal Protective Equipment Market valued at $40.06 Billion is expected to show a tremendous growth of 6.5% CAGR. The value will rise to nearly $58.34 Billion in the year 2022. The Arm and Hand protection market is stated to be the biggest market on the Global level. The Manufacturing market for these equipment is the largest segment in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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Are Safety Gloves Enough for Maintaining Hand Safety in Work Area?

At workplaces, the workers use tools but with that most of the time, the specific work requires
usage of hands too. Some of the working places are hazardous and may cause injury to one's
skin. Therefore, it is compulsory to use hand gloves for safety. Neither the people can suffer skin diseases like dermatitis, irritation, cracks, and cuts. According to reports, nearly 13 million
workers at the workplaces are exposed to harmful chemicals in the Western countries.

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Outlook and Market Growth Perspective of Industrial Hand Gloves by 2022

The Industrial hand gloves are used for hand's safety of the employees and keeping away any
kind of skin diseases from occurring. The gloves are mainly used in the harsh environments
whereas the disposable gloves are used for the specific protection against some products. The safety at the workplace is becoming a significant factor for the growth of the companies. The Industrial gloves are brought to use for averting any kind of accidents. The consumption of these gloves is highest in Europe and North America.

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