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siegfried windisch

Mr.Siegfried Windisch

Arbeits Group is amongst Asia's leading manufacturers and suppliers of work gloves. A respected source for thousands of customers across several industries, Arbeits Group has been in the business for over 35 years. With state of the art specialized manufacturing facilities, we are able to serve customers at a global scale. And it all started in the year 1980.......

Our Story

" Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it's something you're tremendously passionate about."

-Steve Pavlina,

Sanjib Bothra decided he needed to follow his passion. He wanted to start a business which would help the society, not just for a year but for an entire life-time. The industry era was in full swing and he realized that there was a chance to help make the laborers safer. And then the idea came to get into the business of Hand Safety.

In the pursuit to find a buyer of his dream products, he came across who we call our Godfather Mr. Siegfried Windisch, an Austrian born during the 1920's, the manager of a well-renowned Glove and Shoe Company. There were very few companies who were in this business at that time. Mr. Windisch decided he needed to teach the young bachelor all the know-how there was to produce a glove of the highest quality. He became our very first customer. Our customer taught us all there was ....


The Austrian Railways - from the 1920s

Thus, our company was founded by Mr.Sanjib Bothra in 1980, and named with the help of the legend, our Godfather Mr. Siegfried Windisch - Arbeits India

The company was named after a German word "Arbeits" which means "Work" or "Labor" . Our vision was then set through the name - to protect each and every workman around the world

The company started by supplying to the Austrian companies including The Austrian Railways

Slowly and steadily, we started supplying to the rest of the European Union. Now, we have clients from all over Europe, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and France.

Ever since its inception, we have maintained a steady position as one of India's leading manufacturer-exporter of Leather Safety Gloves and Leather Work Garments, in the Personal Protective Equipment Industry.

Recognized by the Government of India and awarded the prestigious President Excellence Award in the year 1995.

From a humble beginning of 200 pairs a day we have slowly but steadily got across to a capacity of over 20,000 pairs a day.

And we still remember our Godfather - Mr. Siegfried Windisch who taught us our values.

"Quality above everything else"